Mid North Storage Solutions - We have 2 locations in the heart of Port Pirie South Australia.

What can I store in a self-storage unit?

At Mid North Self Storage Solutions you can virtually anything – as long as it’s legal and sensible. We do have a list of things we can’t allow you to store in your unit, but you’ll generally rule these items out using common sense any way!

Our customers frequently use their personal storage units for:

Locally Owned

We are a locally owned and operated self storage facility in Port Pirie, meaning we understand what Port Pirie locals need when it comes to storage. The best price in a convenient location..

Two Locations

We have two conveniently located facilities in Port Pirie

Best Prices

We will match any written offer or quote so call us today for the best priced self storage solution in Port Pirie and the surrounding areas.

1.5M X 3.0M

SQM 4.5| Cubic M = 13.05

Height = 2.9

A very popular size for de-cluttering the home. It would generally hold the contents of a studio apartment or something similar.

3.0M X 3.0M

SQM=9| Cubic M = 26.1

Height = 2.9

A popular size for the contents of most 2 bedroom units. Also a good size for a decluttering job for the home when listed For Sale.


SQM15| Cubic M = 43.5

Height = 2.9M

A single garage that will typically hold the contents of a 3 bedroom home or a car and some extra items. Popular for those who want to spread out a bit and even set up some shelving. TIP. Make a good solid base with heavy square items and cartons then stack your lighter items on top to maximise use of your space


SQM-21| Cubic M = 60.9

Height - 2.9M

If you want to make sure you have enough space then this is a popular big unit for the the average 4-5 bedroom home.